Moderately Sized Steps

It has been a while since the last Minute Of Arc release, even though this music was recorded between 2018 and 2022. Mostly with Renoise, as the cover indicates, but some of the processing was done in Logic. By far no giant steps, just moderately sized steps.

                   .;oxc.          .cxo;.         
                 .:xO00Oc.        .cO00Od;.       
                'oO00000Oc.      .cO00000Oo.      
               'd00000000Oc.    .cO00000000d.     
              .lO000000000Oc.  .cO000000000Oc.    
              .cO00x,. .lO00000000Oc. .,x00O:.    
               .lOx,    .lO000000Oc.    ,xOl.     
                .;'      .lO0000Oc.     .';.      

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