Ohrwert has been the moniker for my dub excursions since 2006 and the focal point of my musical output for many years. I have been doing hardware live shows since 2008 but minimized the setup over the years. I still incorporate hardware in my shows, but not as much due to logistics and vulnerability of vintage equipment.

“Ohrwert” has been registered as a business since 2013 at the Chamber of Commerce in Arnhem, the Netherlands under number 57557209 with EU-VAT ID NL001863977B42, and is also trading as “Arjen Schat” and “Trésor D’argent”.

Arjen Schat

I have been releasing live ambient and sequential music as Arjen Schat since 2006 as well. Though most of the releases are influenced by the Berlin-school of electronic music, some albums include meditative drones and deep electronic soundscapes. I demonstrate a lot of the techniques I use on my YouTube channel, besides uploading studio performances and video clips.


Minute Of Arc

A Minute Of Arc is a unit of angular measurement equal to 1/60 of one degree, this relates to the surgical precision of the arrangements and meticulous sound design I put in this music. Electronic at heart, it covers a variety of genres with a close connection to idm and electro.


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