Madah Sounds Podcast

Vinyl mix for Madah Sounds.

“Let the water take everything.
In a realm where shadows reign supreme and whispers of the river haunt our dreams, resilience is an intangible yet profound concept. In the depths of darkness, it’s often found in the water, a symbol of life’s relentless flow, Swirling, consuming, with an undertow. Yet, within it, we glean a lesson of resilience and license as an ever-present theme.
In the village of the mind, where fears reside, resilience stands as a beacon and a guide. Through the tempest of doubt, it holds sway and Leads us through the darkest days.
When the waters rise and all seems lost, resilience emerges a steadfast frost, a force unyielding against the tide, And the ebb and flow of life’s relentless ride.
So let the water take everything it may; Resilience will endure, come what may; in its abstract embrace, we find our might, Guiding us through the darkest night.”


01. Gigi Masin & Rod Modell – Red Hair Girl At The Boat Stop
02. Pub – Summer
03. Studio Pankow – Heidelberger Platz
04. Miruga – Colder (Original Mix)
05. Tomas Rubeck – Cadence
06. Intrusion – A Gentle Embrace (Reduced)
07. Deepchord – Fargo
08. Substance & Vainqueur – Reverberation
09. Ridis – Is # 10
10. Rhythm & Sound- Trace
11. Echo Ltd. – Echologist

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