The Extragalactic Sessions Part 4

The Extragalactic Sessions is a series of recordings, sonically spiralling amidst the outer filaments of the universe in an attempt to escape the fluxus of life on Earth.

Moving in stellar groups alongside Alpha Persei and Beta Pictoris, traversing interplanetary dust clouds through non-stellar radiation, until galactic obscuration.


The ambiguous title “NºXX” refers to both the Latin writing for night and number twenty. Much as “Tenth” (Other Heights, 2010) was a closing album for the Reduct series 1 to 9, “NºXX” is a closing album for the Reduct series 11 to 19.

As the reference in the title to night suggests, the music is all about nocturnal dub vibes, weaving through moonlit ambient clouds.

Nineteenth Reduct

For the nineteenth installment of the Reduct series I took inspiration from the initial series 1 through 9 with its extended hardware sessions, resulting in two 10+ minute dub techno tracks with a vintage flair.

Dormarch (The Ambient Remixes)

Out now on The Sessions Recordings, C-Jay & LOM ft. Stéphane Gervais – Dormarch (The Ambient Remixes). Remixes by Ian Boddy, Marcorporation, and myself. Available on all platforms, including:

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I N F R A KLANG [Remastered]

Thirteen years after its conception, a remaster of the Infraklang catalog was long overdue. Set up as an audio blog, parallel to the Reduct series, its focus was to release more diverse recordings from the new studio. 

For this album though, I have limited myself to remaster just the Ohrwert recordings, which still clocks in at over 90 minutes. As none of the tracks dip below the ten minute mark, they range from extensive tube-amplified tape echo excercises, to a half-beat crossover between Berlin-school and dub techno, all documenting a slice of time I spent in the studio, jamming into the wee hours of the morning.

Eighteenth Reduct

These tracks have made several appearances this year on various podcasts. One of the versions has been published on Soundcloud with artwork created by a neural network, which is added as a bonus item. 

Technically, the music is an all-out hardware extravaganza, combining sequential and dub elements with both analog and digital sources. The main difference between the versions is the hihat programming, which, in a subtle way, dictates the density of the music.

The Extragalactic Sessions Part 3

The Extragalactic Sessions is a series of recordings, sonically spiralling amidst the outer filaments of the universe in an attempt to escape the fluxus of life on Earth. 

After traveling through blazar jets and crossing the great voids, we have arrived in an extragalactic planetary system. Drifting in orbit, gravitationally locked.

B-Wave Festival 2021 (cancelled)

Unfortunately the B-Wave festival has been cancelled. I would have had my debut performance with a special live show filled with electronic space music. Below a statement from the organization.

It is with great pain in our hearts that we (CC Muze, modular404, B-Wave) have to announce that the B-Wave Festival will not take place this year.

Due to the sudden flare-up of covid19 and the adjusted measures, unfortunately, we cannot offer the great experience we had in mind. Under these circumstances, we cannot guarantee the safety of the visitors, while we as organizer feel responsible not to spread the virus further. We first considered postponing the festival, but ultimately decided to cancel it.

All tickets and exhibitors will be refunded.

We think this is the right decision in these special circumstances.

B-Wave, modular404, CC Muze.