Moderately Sized Steps

It has been a while since the last Minute Of Arc release, even though this music was recorded between 2018 and 2022. Mostly with Renoise, as the cover indicates, but some of the processing was done in Logic. By far no giant steps, just moderately sized steps.

                   .;oxc.          .cxo;.         
                 .:xO00Oc.        .cO00Od;.       
                'oO00000Oc.      .cO00000Oo.      
               'd00000000Oc.    .cO00000000d.     
              .lO000000000Oc.  .cO000000000Oc.    
              .cO00x,. .lO00000000Oc. .,x00O:.    
               .lOx,    .lO000000Oc.    ,xOl.     
                .;'      .lO0000Oc.     .';.      


Out now on all digital platforms and released by the Spanish Nühn Records: “Oneiron”. A hypnotic two-tracker, where “Morpheus” is a bit rougher around the edges than “Phobetor”, but both tracks retain their deep technoid foundation.

Madah Sounds Podcast

Vinyl mix for Madah Sounds.

“Let the water take everything.
In a realm where shadows reign supreme and whispers of the river haunt our dreams, resilience is an intangible yet profound concept. In the depths of darkness, it’s often found in the water, a symbol of life’s relentless flow, Swirling, consuming, with an undertow. Yet, within it, we glean a lesson of resilience and license as an ever-present theme.
In the village of the mind, where fears reside, resilience stands as a beacon and a guide. Through the tempest of doubt, it holds sway and Leads us through the darkest days.
When the waters rise and all seems lost, resilience emerges a steadfast frost, a force unyielding against the tide, And the ebb and flow of life’s relentless ride.
So let the water take everything it may; Resilience will endure, come what may; in its abstract embrace, we find our might, Guiding us through the darkest night.”


01. Gigi Masin & Rod Modell – Red Hair Girl At The Boat Stop
02. Pub – Summer
03. Studio Pankow – Heidelberger Platz
04. Miruga – Colder (Original Mix)
05. Tomas Rubeck – Cadence
06. Intrusion – A Gentle Embrace (Reduced)
07. Deepchord – Fargo
08. Substance & Vainqueur – Reverberation
09. Ridis – Is # 10
10. Rhythm & Sound- Trace
11. Echo Ltd. – Echologist

Dutch Electronic Masters V

The fifth installment of the Dutch Electronic Masters compilation is out now. A compilation of 51 works by both known and unknown Dutch electronic musicians, including Phrozenlight, Gert Emmens, Ron Boots, and many others, including myself.–3


This album started out as a spiritual successor of “Tracing Rays” (Wil-Ru Records, 2013), an album that was constructed using meticulous sound design and processing. A similar approach was used for “Aˈkʷaː.ti.kus”, but limited to one piece of equipment: a Nord Wave 2 performance synthesizer, processed with my digital audio workstation of choice, Renoise.

The track titles are in line with the aquatic album title, each of them representing a different zone in the ocean, in order of depth.

As the chords gently ripple through each track, the rhythms shift between various forms, deviating more often than not from traditional technoid drum patterns.

Recordings From A Dimly Lit Studio

Ohrwert presents “Recordings From A Dimly Lit Studio” by R¥S. An alter ego once thought of to use for tracks that felt different from my other bodies of work, but rarely used to release any music. The artist name is a play on my first name, phonetically spelled (r+yen = Arjen), and the initial of my last name.

Much thought went into the decision wether I should release it through Ohrwert or not. It is not dubby, and not particularly deep, but it does share some common grounds and sheds light on music I have been working on in parallel to dub techno, which would probably not see the light of day otherwise.

Minimalist Music Assembly

My latest excursions in ambient and meditative drone music, named after an unofficial CD-R release from 2005. Two ethereal textured loops and stochastically driven tree tones, utilizing an instrument designed by Dillon Bastan with Max For Live.

Dub Diva – Dub Techno Soundset

Recently I collaborated with Martin Stürtzer, Martin Nonstatic, and Luftrum on a soundset for U-He Diva. Really loved working on the sound design and very pleased how the complete soundset turned out.

“Dive into the hypnotic world of Dub Techno with Dub Diva, a collection of 137 expertly designed synth presets, brought to life through the collaborative synergy of Dub Techno artists Martin Nonstatic, Ohrwert and Martin Stürtzer, and sound designer Luftrum. United by their passion, this dream team has joined forces to craft an outstanding compilation of synth presets for U-He Diva.”